Cigabox, luxury outdoor ashtrays

Your company’s premises reflect your business: no flaw allowed ! More often than not, it is the ashtray that clutters the view instead of clearing it.

Cigabox deals with cigarette butts in style: it collects and conceals them efficiently. Designed to last, it is made of the very best materials: its lid is of solid stainless steel, removable liner of electrogalvanised steel and cover panel of unbreakable polycarbonate. Cigabox helps you position yourself as an eco-friendly company.

A custom-made communication tool

The front panel of Cigabox holds a changeable poster, fully customisable for you by our creative team. From a simple logo to a catchy message, it makes your premises more personal and welcoming.


To create this luxury ashtray, Cigabox founder Jacques Loyer collaborated with French designer Joël Desgrippes, known for his high-profile work with such clients as Air France, Cartier, Kenzo or Versace. Together, they imagined a piece of contemporary style, made with high quality materials for a matchless durability.

Elegant, weather resistant and easy to maintain, Cigabox is a subtle combination of practicality and design.

They are satisfied !